A few words about us


Angel Sapna Movies LLP offer all kind of production options. We specialise in producing film or videos in the most competitive budget.
We have a group of exceedingly creative people adjusted to our image that has the capacity to handle all parts of the production process. Whether it is a film, short film, commercial, music video, documentary, corporate video, online promo, viral video or YouTube video. On the off chance that you can call it content, we can make it for you.

Just tell us the budget you have in mind and we will make the video in that very same budget for you.
We can act as production fixers in any Indian cities/Abroad to production companies, film directors, advertising agencies, documentary & corporate filmmakers looking for production management services all over India.

We understand that every project has a unique set of objectives, specific requirements. Therefore, we take great precaution in accessing the creative and specific production needs & other parameters keeping in mind the budget & deadlines. We can assure highest standards as quality results are our supreme priority and that too at the most competitive cost.

So far we have very successfully done projects as producer and line producer in the major Indian cities and provided one stop shooting coordination to a lot of our clients. Our projects include commercials for TV and digital market, YouTube viral videos, short films, music videos, documentaries, product shoots, catalogue shoots and calendar shoots etc.

We take care of the entire production, right from conceptualization to pre-production to actual production and post-production. We provide a one-stop solution for all your production needs.
Our point is to deliver really artistic feature content that effectively mirrors our client’s vision.


Line Production Services is the core specialty Angel Sapna Movies LLP specialize in.
We have a highly skilled production team and we can arrange the best team required for producing your film or video. We can also provide world class post production facilities.
We make sure our clients get the best team at the best prize. .

“We provide complete support for film shoots, permissions, equipment,
logistics and professionals”

Angel Sapna Movies LLP takes care of your film shootings in India and outside. Backed by a highly-skilled, vastly experienced team and globally-connected team, we handhold your film productions, providing the most modern equipment, shooting permissions, subsidy- grants guidance and logistics facilitation in a hassle-free manner. We understand Cinema and its diverse requirements, contingencies and last-minute adjustments and align ourselves to your need.

Headed by Umang Agarwal, Angel Sapna Movies LLP benefits immensely with his international connections and experience.
So, whether you need equipment, logistics, shooting permissions, script approvals, subsidy guidance, technical advice or just any other help pertaining to line production, we are there to help.

Our highly capable production team that leverages on its own skill sets along with the high-end technical resources provided in-house, streamlines and gives a one-stop solution for a much clearer response to your needs. Angel Sapna Movies LLP is the result of diversely talented and immensely enthusiastic people coming together to form a group that never follows what’s incumbent but believes in creating a path of its own that’s unique, perceptible and above all engagingly concerned with the brand.

We have partners from Europe, the US, Canada, Australia, China, Japan. Korea, Middle-East and whole of South East Asia assisting us in world-class productions, connections and ideas.

“With a proved track record, contacts and partners in each region at both government and private levels, Angel Sapna Movies LLP can deliver in a way no one else can”

Angel Sapna Movies LLP is a group of people with a highly specialised skill set. We are the A-Team. A turnkey solutions provider for motion picture business|T.V. Commercials| with core focus on marketing, distribution and syndication.

We also produce films; engaging entertaining films that not only provide a professional springboard to the cast and crew, but also ensures commensurate returns to investors and profit participants. The vision is to champion stories that resonate with both local and global audiences.

Angel Sapna Movies LLP assist and manage film projects all over India. Our team has developed a strong experience working on Feature films, TV series, documentaries & commercials in the subcontinent. With extensive knowledge and a good database of contacts in the Film & Television Industry in India, Angel Sapna Movies LLP can be your one stop solution for custom made meetings with producers, directors, artists, etc. Angel Sapna Movies LLP specialises in offering location scouts, seamless location permission clearance, hiring the most experienced and talented crew according to the project and the size of the budget, providing high quality equipment at the best rates. We collaborate with experienced Cinematographers, Production designers, Focus pullers, Lighting Directors, Make-up and Hair Stylists, Costume designers, etc We analyse and break down the script, send you locations references and work out a budget and a schedule. We assist visa application process to get visas for the entire cast and Crew, and in clearing all shipments to India as well as the subsequent export out of the country. We also consult on India taxation laws and other legal requirements to offer Professional and transparent service of the highest standard.